From elective courses exploring the themes of private equity and venture capital to experiential learning opportunities, Tuck students can individualize their program of study based on their own interests:

Learn more about experiencing the world of private equity and venture capital as a Tuck student.

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Rachel Baras T'19

"The Venture Capital Fellowship with the Center for Private Equity and Venture Capital has offered a platform for pursuing my interests on campus. When I was discussing potential VC Fellowship projects with Jim Feuille, Executive Director of the CPEVC, he proposed the idea of launching an online, virtual summit focused on agriculture technology. The summit has enabled us to learn more about agtech, bring speakers to a wider audience, and build connections within and beyond Tuck." Read full pathway

Elena Laird T'17

"It is fairly unusual to transition directly from the limited partner side to the general partner side—from wealth management to private equity. I felt that I had many of the necessary soft skills already but needed to go back to school to round out my technical skillset. I also knew an MBA would strengthen my leadership skills and give me the opportunity to take a somewhat unusual jump in my career." Read full pathway

James Goff T'16

"I really wanted to spend two years focusing on my personal and professional development and Tuck just ticked all the boxes that I wanted. Away from the distractions of a big city, I knew I would have access to fantastic career opportunities available here and an incredible level of teaching and camaraderie." Read full pathway