Experiential Learning

In addition to the CPEVC MBA Fellows program, Tuck students with an interest in exploring the fields of private equity and venture capital are welcome to attend CPEVC-sponsored events and programming throughout their two years at Tuck. These co-curricular, experiential learning opportunities offer high-quality engagements with external thought leaders to help identify career pathways and contribute towards the development of academic scholarship on private equity and venture capital.

New Workshop: Early Stage Venture Capital Workshop 

Following a successful pilot program in 2018-19, this highly-selective workshop is offered each year and taught by CPEVC Executive Director Jim Feuille and long-time VCIC Advisor Dick Green D’75. Students learn about all aspects of early stage venture capital—from portfolio construction to deal sourcing, deal screening, valuation of early stage ventures, due diligence, convertible notes, cap tables, term sheets, investment memoranda and negotiations. Student teams are given pitch decks from real companies seeking deals at that time.  They then conduct due diligence research, make pitches and give each other feedback. Each team then pitches one deal to a group of “partners”—volunteers who are active in venture capital firms. Students also write a research paper and self-reflection piece on their learnings from the workshop.

As part of his work in the Early Stage Venture Capital Workshop, Marvin Luo T'20 drafted the framework of a newly constructed teaching note and conducted a survey of current practitioners seeking perspectives on individual company level target returns—multiples and IRRs—for underwriting new investments at each stage in venture capital all the way from the pre-seed stage to the pre-IPO stage.

MBA Competitions

The Center sponsors student teams at various private equity and venture capital competitions including the Venture Capital Investment Competition (VCIC) and the Wharton MBA Buyout Case Competition. Learn more about these competitions from Tuck News:

The COVID + Capital Project:  Private Equity & Venture Capital Investing in a Time of Crisis

The COVID + Capital Project: Private Equity & Venture Capital Investing in a Time of Crisis is an effort to track the impact of the pandemic on the private equity and venture capital industries in real-time through the voices and research of industry leaders. 

This timely project is an effort to track the impact of the pandemic on the private equity and venture capital industries in real-time through the voices and research of industry leaders. The project team includes Venture Capital Fellows Alexander Becker T’21, Teo Gonzalez T’21, and Ayres Private Equity Fellow Jane Lee T’20.

At the onset of the pandemic, it was clear that PE and VC firms, their portfolio companies, and their limited partners were quickly assessing the situation and developing operating plan scenarios for a possible prolonged crisis.

Each week, the latest news, opinions, and data from practitioners, analysts, and thought leaders across the PE/VC space is featured. The site includes not only perspectives on the current crisis, but also historical perspectives from previous crises and recessions including the 2008 Global Financial Crisis and 2000 Internet Bubble. The team plans to expand the project over the course of the 2020-21 academic year with new content, original interviews of practitioners and limited partners by the student team, and fresh data.