MBA Fellows Projects

A key part of the CPEVC MBA Fellowship is a project which can include independent study projects under the guidance of a faculty sponsor, developing teaching notes or case studies, or career-oriented research topics valuable to a student’s career search. 


The Case for Venture Capital in Africa
Peter Oriaifo T'22

The Explosion of VC Activity in LatAm
Perri Chilton T'22 & Schuyler Dalton T'22

Morgan Thompson T'22, Sammi DiBella T'22, Kaitlin Horan T'22

Climate Adaptation
John Beyer T'22

VC Global Immersion
Jazmine Brite T'22

Venture Capital in Digital Health: A Primer
Becky Dobbin T'22

Private Investing in Median and Low-Income Housing
Muhammad Hassan T'22

Insect Proteins in the Alt Protein Landscape
Caitlin Martin T'22

Increasing Awareness of an Engagement with Tuck's PE/VC Network
Andrew McCaffery T'22, Allyn (Allie) Haynes T'22

Are VC's Missing Great Long Term Returns Due to the 10 Year Fund Life?
Paul Donohue T'22

Investing in Edible Beauty
Madeline Henderson T'22

A Framework for Private Eauity Investments in Healthcare
Marisa Kager T'22

Envisioning MESA (Middle East & South Asia) as a VC Investment Corridor
Abhinav Gupta T'22

The Role of PE/VC in the Gaming and eSports Industries
Cuauhtemoc Trevino T'22

What's Nest for Institutionally-Backed Lower Middle Market PE
Aneesh Bhattacharya T'22

The Case for Alternative Proteins
Jillian Di Filippo T'22

PE Investment Thesis for an Aging Population
Shirley Lu T'22

A study of PE Deal Partner Career Paths
Joe Bourque T'22

Real Estate Changes Since the Financial Crisis
Huy Le T'22

Lessons on Impact investing
Barbara Demidchuk T'22

Tuck Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition Efforts
Patrick Rauh T'22

Corporate Vs Seek Strategic and Financial Objectives
Nick DeSimone & Corey Stock T'22

PVC Internship Project
Steph Puzak & Matt Soundy T'22

MBA Pitch Competition
Steph Puzak T'22

Growth of Online Marketplaces and Investment Opportunities
Megh Dholakin T'22


"Ancestry Case Study"
Dylan Guss T'21, PE Fellow

"Opportunities in Vegetation Management "
Cristian Molina Cornejo T'21, PE Fellow

"Venture Capital Platform Services "
Hugo Naulot T'21, PE Fellow

"Investment in Consumer Health: Wellness Investment Food"
Elizabeth Holmes T'21, VC Fellow

"Tuck Emerging Markets Conference"
Teo Gonzalez T'21, VC Fellow
Titi Arasi T'21, VC Fellow

"Investment Methods and Opportunities within Hard Tech Startups"
Randy Allen T'21, VC Fellow

"Virtual Summit on Agtech "
Hugo Naulot T'21, PE Fellow
Elizabeth Holmes T'21, VC Fellow
Robert Sewell T'21, VC Fellow
Tobin Krieg T'21, PE Fellow
Kristin Ng T'21, VC Fellow

"Ed-Tech Investment Opportunities"
Chi Le T'21, PE Fellow

"Private Equity in the Gulf Region "
Omar Al Banawi T'21, PE Fellow

"Powering the U.S. Energy Transition"
Eric Lukas T'21, PE Fellow

"State of the Healthcare Venture Capital Industry in 2021"
Dave Praharaj T'21, VC Fellow
Martha O'Neill T'21, VC Fellow
Maddie Livingston T'21, VC Fellow

"Residential RE Case Development "
Chris Banks T'21, PE Fellow

"Private Equity in Sports"
Gordie Bailey T'21, PE Fellow
Ben Clark T'21, PE Fellow

"Venture Capital Investment in Minority Owned Businesses"
Shervin Stoney T'21, VC Fellow

"Investment Opportunities in 5G"
Rukhaam Mahar T'21, PE Fellow

"Venture Capital: Entrepreneur Negotiations"
James Ozturk T'21, VC Fellow

"Digital Transformation in Fitness Industry and Investment Opportunities"
Ling Yin T'21, PE Fellow

"Corporate Venture Capital's Contribution to Climate Solutions"
Maria King T'21, VC Fellow

"Cleantech Venture Capital Investing"
Tobin Krieg T'21, VC Fellow
Robert Sewell T'21, VC Fellow

"Investment Opportunities in the Future of Media Consumption"
Keri Arslancan T'21,VC Fellow

"Can Venture Philanthropy Save Investment Crowdfunding?"
Chris Bartenstein T'20, PE Fellow
How has for-profit investment crowdfunding lived up to expectations? What is the potential for investment crowdfunding to positively impact the nonprofit world?

"Key Differences in the U.S. and European Private Equity Investment Process"
Todor Parushev T'20, PE Fellow
This report focuses on the key differences in PE transaction processes between the U.S. and Europe and on topics from the lower middle markets.

"Understanding and Maximizing the “Impact” of Impact Private Equity"
Jenna Pugrant T'20, PE Fellow
What is impact investing in private equity? How impactful is it really? How does PE get positioned to drive the most additional impact? 
View paper [.pdf]

"Alternative Private Equity Strategies: Co-Investing & Secondaries"
Daniel Tanaka T'20, PE Fellow
Exploring the rise of co-investing and secondary investing as two private equity products and strategies.
View paper [.pdf]

"The Democratization of Technical Skills"
Jason Tedeschi T'20, PE Fellow
What is impact investing in private equity? How impactful is it really? How does PE get positioned to drive the most additional impact?

"Ski Industry Consolidation: Trends, Economics, and Implications"
Conor Calucci T'20, VC Fellow
What is driving the consolidation of the ski industry and what does it mean?

"Entrepreneurship in Crises and the Implications for Venture"
Hazel Gunapala T'20, VC Fellow
What makes companies that started during economic slumps so successful? What does this all mean for venture?

"Investing in First Time Funds: A Study of Emerging Managers"
Gavin Loudfoot T'20, VC Fellow
What is the process for creating a first-time PE fund and what are the associated challenges?

"Impact Tech VC Investment: Scaling Purpose-Driven Tech Innovation"
Melina Sánchez Montañés T'20, VC Fellow
An exploration of the emerging field of impact tech and its implication within the broader VC industry.
View paper [.pdf]

"Broadening the Scope of Players in Venture Capital"
Claire Shaw T'20, VC Fellow
Examining how VC investment is changing to include more diverse funders, entrepreneurs, and investment models.
View paper [.pdf]

"SMBs vs. Insurance Carriers: The Battle Over Self-Funding Health Benefits"
Brodie Stone T'20, VC Fellow
How employers become insurance companies, the emergence of self-funding by smaller businesses and the investment implications of this trend.

"Cross-Border Venture Capital Investments: How U.S.-based VC Funds Invest into Foreign Startups"
Ivan Zakharov T'20, VC Fellow
Examining cross-border VC investments, the benefits and challenges, and the landscape in several developing countries.