Programs & Events



Ayres Private Equity Fellows

The Ayres Private Equity Fellows program, generously supported by the Center for Private Equity and Venture Capital (CPEVC) Board of Advisors member Charles Ayres T'87, provides opportunities for second year students interested in private equity investing. Through the program, Tuck students gain:

  • Unique networking opportunities with CPEVC visiting executive guest speakers in the Venture Capital and Private Equity course, as well in center-sponsored fireside chats, workshops, conferences, and public lectures.
  • Deeper understanding of the role of private equity in today's markets, the issues and opportunities; and insight into private equity careers, with support for individual career goals.
  • Opportunities to pursue projects in areas of particular interest.

Fellows are chosen through a competitive process at the end of the first year at Tuck.

Venture Capital Fellows

The Tuck Center for Private Equity and Venture Capital aims to advance the understanding of venture capital investing: the engine behind the earliest state entrepreneurial activity that drives global innovation and productivity.

The Tuck VC Fellows Program provides opportunities for second year MBA candidates interested in venture capital investing. Through this program, selected Tuck MBAs gain:

  • Unique networking opportunities with Center visitors, including executives visiting the Venture Capital and Private Equity class, as well as the speakers for Center sponsored fireside chats, workshops, conference keynotes and panels, and other networking events.
  • Deeper understanding of the role of venture capital in today’s markets, the issues and opportunities, and insight into venture capital careers.
  • An opportunity to pursue areas of particular interest to them.


Tuck Private Equity Conference

This invitation-only event brings together senior industry practitioners from the private equity industry and interested students for an information-packed day of keynote speeches and panel discussions. See below for past conference agendas and please contact us for sponsorship information. The conference takes place in Hanover each February.

Tuck Private Equity and Entrepreneurship Research Conference

The purpose of this research group is to advance interdisciplinary research in private equity and venture capital. Both theoretical and empirical work is encouraged. Interaction among scholars occurs on a continuous basis throughout the year and culminates in an annual conference, to be held at Tuck on October 18-19, 2018. Membership and meeting attendance will be limited to increase the interaction of people in a seminar-style setting. Tuck also hosted the 2016 conference, previously called the Finance, Organizations, and Markets Conference.


The Center invites private equity and venture capital senior executives and industry leaders to visit campus throughout the academic year. The visitors speak in classes, give fireside chats or lectures for the whole community, and participate with students in one-on-one career discussions as well as in small group lunches and dinners.