Student Organizations

Private Equity Club

The Tuck Private Equity Club is a student-managed organization dedicated to three goals:

  • Furthering the education and interest of Tuck students in the private equity industry
  • Promoting interaction, dialogue, and partnership between Tuck and the private equity community through a range of research and education programs
  • Improving the private equity employment prospects of Tuck students

The club sponsors include Tuck's faculty and administration, while its activities include a range of educational, professional and employment initiatives. Club members actively assist in the development of Tuck's private equity and entrepreneurship curriculum, as well as attract notable industry speakers to campus. The club also works with Tuck's Career Development Office and the Center for Private Equity and Venture Capital to enhance the private equity employment prospects of club members.

Technology Club

The Technology Club helps Tuck students learn about the roles that MBAs play at technology companies and gain exposure to different high-tech industries.